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Is an Illustrator based in Pasadena

My art is based on California.

I am spending my brave, bright and beautiful life

at Art Center College of Design.

I am very sentimental.

I am easily touched.

I don’t have trouble expressing my feelings.

I am easily frightened and surprised.


​When I was in high school,

I was interested in sciences and mathematics. 

I am also fascinated in the fashion industry,

because I was inspired a lot by my grandma, 

who was dressmaker.

However, eventually I decided to became an illustrator

to enjoy my happy life. 

I have devoted my 20s to experience variety of interests.

I can say there is no worthless experience in the world.

My final goal as an artist is become

a positive influential person.

I look to save the earth and protect nature as a collective effort.

I examine natural object in my projects intentionally

to make people feel that

"nature is too beautiful to mess up."

I want to make people smile through my illusion.


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